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    1. Linda Hamilton: More Than Just Sarah Connor

      Linda Hamilton has made a career out of playing strong female protagonists, especially as Sarah Connor in The Terminator and Terminator: Dark Fate. What other roles has she played?

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      What We Know About 'Black Widow'

      Natasha Romanoff is finally getting her own movie, and Florence Pugh is joining her. Here's what we know about Black Widow ... so far.

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      Star Siblings: Famous Brothers and Sisters

      Do you know your Hemsworth brothers? See the family resemblance between Chris, Luke and Liam — and other famous sets of brothers and sisters — in our gallery.

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      What's Cary Elwes' Most Shocking On-Set Moment?

      The newest "Stranger Things" star thinks back on his unforgettable career, including the surprising moment from The Princess Bride that he'll always remember.

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      It was a repeat weekend for last week's top two films as Sony's Spider-Man: Far from Home topped the weekend while nearing $850 million globally and Disney and Pixar's Toy Story 4 found itself in the runner-up position while becoming the fifth largest Pixar release domestically ever. As for the weekend's new wide releases, both played mostly to expectations with... See more »

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      Marvel and DC Cosplayers We Love

      From the Joker and Spider-Man Noir to the Winter Soldier, check out some of our favorite cosplayers who put their unique twist on the characters of Marvel and DC Comics.

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      Poll: Top 35 Video Games on IMDb


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      Which of these top rated video games is your favorite? Discuss here after voting.

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